Unit 11: JTS PLUS


Unit Information: 

11.1 Jesus is the True Vine Key Verse: John 15:5
Big Idea: Jesus is the vine, so we can grow by staying connected to Him. Bible Basis: John 15:1-17
11.2 Jesus is the Good Shepherd Key Verse: John 10:14
Big Idea: Jesus is the good shepherd, so we should listen to His voice and follow Him. Bible Basis: John 10:1-18
11.3 Jesus is the Light of the World Key Verse: John 8:12
Big Idea: Jesus is the light that leads us out of darkness. Bible Basis: John 8:12-20
11.4 Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life*** Key Verse: John 14:6
Big Idea: Jesus is the one true God and following Him is the only way to eternal life. Bible Basis: John 14:5-14

*Recommended Use Dates: June 4-25, 2023