Unit 7: Life of Jesus | Episodes 7.1 – 7.4



The “Journey Today Show.” videos are a fun-filled show uniquely designed to be an interactive experience that leads kids towards faith in Jesus. With built in Bible reading and discussion, each episode has as much learning as laughter. It’s a hilarious way to help kids learn and grow whether at church, at home, or on the go. 

Here is what’s included with each lesson:

  • Downloadable Journey Today Show Video (around 10-12 minutes)
  • Small group activity
  • Coloring page
  • Bible verse printable
The “Journey Today Show” videos teach on the same Big Idea, Bible Story and Memory Verse as the corresponding GO! elementary lesson. They can be used together in your teaching time or used alone. 

[Click on episode title to play the episode intro video.]

Episode 7.1: Jesus Teaches on Loving Our Enemies
Another JTS episodes with our favorite hosts: Timmy Bowties and…….Davey Bowties? What? That’s not right! It looks like David took Timmy’s outfit and things are getting tense! It’s the fight of the century! Bowtie vs. Bowtie! Who will come out on top? Well, maybe nobody needs to come out on top. The Bible tells us that we should love our enemies, and maybe Timmy and David can turn things around before this gets out of hand!

Key Verse: Matthew 5:44
Big Idea: Jesus teaches us to love everyone, including our enemies.
Bible Basis: 2 Samuel 11
Video Length: 11:08

Episode 7.2: Jesus Teaches on Giving
Whoa, what’s that new social media app? Ding Dong? Well, David’s all over it, telling everyone on Ding Dong how super kind and super generous he is…even if he’s not that kind or generous in real life. Jesus actually encountered similar people back in his day. There were people who would give their offerings out in public just so everyone would see. But Jesus taught us to give in secret—so that our gifts are just between us and God. Maybe David should close the app, and open his Bible!

Key Verse: Matthew 6:4
Big Idea: Jesus teaches us to be generous and to perform our good deeds in secret.
Bible Basis: Matthew 6:1-4
Video Length: 10:29

Episode 7.3: Jesus Teaches on How to Pray
What in the world is this thing? The Prayer Booster 5000? Looks like Cory is trying to boost his prayer’s power with some weird helmet he saw on TV. Somehow I doubt that it’ll work like they say in the commercial… Maybe instead of buying some weird looking hat, he should just listen to Jesus! Jesus taught us how we can pray in the Bible. You can have powerful prayers that God hears and responds to—no helmet required!

Key Verse: Jeremiah 29:12
Big Idea: Jesus teaches us how to say powerful prayers that are honoring to God.
Bible Basis: Matthew 6:5-16
Video Length: 12:36

Episode 7.4: Jesus Teaches on How to Pray
There’s a lot of things to worry about in this world…and David’s worried about them all! He was so worried that he installed this CRAZY security system in the JTS studio—with lasers and everything! That’s a problem just waiting to happen! Maybe instead of worrying so much, David should listen to what Jesus said in the Bible. Jesus showed us that God is more than capable of handling anything that comes our way—no lasers necessary!
Key Verse: Matthew 6:4
Big Idea: Jesus teaches that God cares for us, so we should give our worries to Him.
Bible Basis: Matthew 6:25-34
Video Length: 12:48

The Journey Today Show videos follow the GO! Elementary scope and sequence. To learn more and view click here.