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PLEASE NOTE: Topher plush toys will ship beginning June 2024. 

Introducing Topher the Gopher Talking Plush Toy, the furry friend who brings joy and learning to young kids! Standing at 6 inches tall and crafted with soft, huggable materials, Topher is the perfect size for cuddling and carrying along on adventures. He’s more than a toy, though. He’s a teaching tool too!

With a gentle push of his paw, Topher talks to kids. In addition to Topher’s classic greeting, he tells kids 6 different core Biblical truths. With the help of Topher, these important truths will take root in their hearts and minds forever.

Here’s what Topher says:

  • My name is Topher the Gopher and I’m your furry friend. Can I have a hug?
  • It’s true, it’s true, the Bible is true. Let’s read the Bible together.
  • Jesus loves you so, so much!
  • You can pray to God anytime, anywhere and about anything.
  • God is with you all the time.
  • I love going to church. Do you love going to church too?
  • Jesus died but now he is ALIVE!

For Churches: Consider buying a Topher plush for each of the preschoolers in your ministry. (The more Topher’s you buy, the more you save.) Or give parents a link to purchase one on their own. The Topher plush toy helps you reach kids with the truth of Scripture and the Gospel of Jesus. It’s also an incredible tool that connects what kids are hearing at home with what they’re learning at church.

For Parents: Whether it’s story time, naptime, or playtime, Topher is always ready to join in the fun, sparking laughter and creating cherished memories at home. He helps you plant the Word of God in the heart of your child.

Want to give your families a way to order their own Topher? Click here to download a printable sign.

When purchased, Topher comes with a downloadable adoption certificate that you can personalize. Use the adoption certificate to commemorate the day Topher becomes a part of a child’s family.


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