Kids church. Anywhere.

With GO+, you can reach kids with the gospel at church, at home, or anywhere they might be.


GO+ is filled with video content and materials you can use in a variety of ways. Here are just some of the ways you can use GO+

Supercharge your GO! Elementary lessons.

GO+ is the bonus media package for GO! Curriculum. They work together like Batman and Robin defeating boredom at church. The “Journey Today Show” (JTS) teaches the application portion of the GO! lesson, so you can have your teacher do a live introduction and lead the kids through the interactive Bible story, then press play on the video and let the JTS crew take it from there. It makes for the perfect blend of live and video teaching.

Use GO+ as a stand-alone lesson.

GO+ comes with enough material to use as a short, stand-alone, video-driven lesson. If you’re rebuilding your volunteer team or just short on confident communicators, The “Journey Today Show” takes care of the majority of teaching while setting up your volunteers to do what they do best.

Use GO+ for your 2nd hour or midweek service.

With the combination of GO! Curriculum and GO+, you’ll have more material to stretch across 2 services. Teach the lesson live for one service, then show the video at the 2nd hour or midweek service.

Use GO+ as the ultimate parent connect tool.

If you want to connect parents to what their kids are learning at church on Sunday, send them the link to watch the “Journey Today Show” with their kids during the week. It’s an incredible video-driven devotional that reinforces the lesson and helps families grow in their faith together.

Use GO+ as an online Kids Church.

Sports. Travel. Pandemics. There are so many things that keep families away from the church building on a Sunday morning. GO+ allows you to reach those families wherever they are. Whether they’re in town or on the road, our on-line parent portal gives families access to the resources they need to worship and learn together.

Laugh-out-loud while learning.

The GO+ video platform features the “Journey Today Show.” Join the JTS crew in this fun-filled show uniquely designed to be an interactive experience that leads kids towards faith in Jesus. With built in Bible reading and discussion, each episode has as much learning as laughter. It’s a hilarious way to help kids learn and grow whether at church, at home, or on the go.


Take a chronological journey through the Bible.

GO+ follows the GO! Elementary Curriculum scope and sequence. It takes kids through the entire Bible every year, but uses different stories each time around. Best of all, it lines up with the Christian calendar so the holiday lessons fit seamlessly into the story.


Gain access to the library of GO+ videos.

When you subscribe to GO+, you gain access to an ever-growing library of lesson, worship, and training videos. A new lesson video is added every week.

GO+ has lesson videos, plus so much more.

Here's what you get.

  • Access to the Journey Today Show video library
  • Worship videos by CrossKid Nation
  • “2 Minute” training videos for volunteers
  • Easy to use video platform for families to access videos at home
  • Small group or family activity
  • Coloring sheets
  • Bible verse signs
  • Parent take-home resource
  • Email template for parent communication
  • Social media plan


Anytime, anywhere, any device.

Your subscription to GO+ gives you unlimited access on all devices. Take your lessons with you on your iPhone, Android, iPad, or SmartTV.


52 customizable large/small group lessons

Lesson graphics

Supplemental lesson videos

Countdown video

Series intro videos

Bible character illustrations

+ more! Get started to see the full package


52 customizable large/small group lessons

Lesson graphics

Supplemental lesson videos

Storytime rules video

Topher’s Big Idea video

Bible character illustrations

+ more! Get started to see the full package


52 “Journey Today Show” videos

Worship videos by CrossKid Nation

Volunteer training videos

One weekly small group activity

Email templates

Social media plan

+ more! Get started to see the full package


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GO+ is the perfect companion to GO! Curriculum. GO! Curriculum is designed specifically to be used for in-person services at church. When you also subscribe to GO+, you can use the GO+ lesson and music videos to supplement and enhance your in-person lessons. Together, GO! Curriculum and GO+ are the perfect package. To learn more about GO! Curriculum, watch this video, then click the button below.