Unit 4: Space Ninjas vs Pirate Squirrels [Premium]


It’s the distant future, the year 5,000, and a long lost stinky sneaker has been discovered. It’s the mythical shoe of Sir Willy Wonky, and legend has it that one sniff of this foul footwear makes everything you eat taste like chocolate.  During the “Space Ninjas vs. Pirate Squirrels” series, small groups will be divided into two teams and will battle for the putrid penny loafer.  All the while kids will discover stories of God’s faithfulness and power through the exile of His people into a foreign and hostile land.

This Premium Unit includes episodes of the “Journey Today Show” as well as additional Premium materials. The “JTS” videos are available for download one month before the use date listed. See the “Here’s What You Get” graphic below for more details.

Unit Information:

Lesson 1 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Key Verse: Matthew 5:10
Big Idea: God blesses us when we suffer for doing what is right, so we can stand up for Him. Bible Basis: Daniel 3
Lesson 2 Daniel and the Lion’s Den Key Verse: Exodus 23:2a
Big Idea: God’s wants to be the leader of your life, so you should follow Him instead of the crowd. Bible Basis: Daniel 6
Lesson 3 Queen Esther Key Verse: Psalm 118:6
Big Idea: God has a purpose for my life and wants to do something good through me. Bible Basis: Esther
Lesson 4 Nehemiah Rebuilds the Wall Key Verse: Ecclesiastes 4:9
Big Idea: God wants us to work together to build His kingdom. Bible Basis: Nehemiah

*Recommended Use Dates: November 12 – December 1, 2023

PLEASE NOTE: The “Journey Today Show” videos are available for download one month before the use date listed above. 


*Each GO! unit is part of a 12-month scope and sequence that takes kids on a chronological journey through the Bible. The scope and sequence is designed to follow the Christian calendar so that the Christmas lessons land on Christmas and the Easter lessons land on Easter. The “Recommended Use Dates” indicate where the unit falls within the one-year curriculum calendar. You are able to use the unit at any time of the year that works best for you, but by following the “Recommended Use Dates,” you can easily transition into using the other GO! units to tell the remainder of the Big Bible Story. Click here to view the curriculum calendar.

*** There will be glimpses of God’s salvation plan throughout the year, but there will be four lessons where that plan is communicated clearly and kids will have an opportunity to respond. Those lessons are denoted with *** next to the lesson title.

Lessons Include:

  • Customizable large group lesson
  • Customizable small group lesson
  • Journey Today Show lesson video
  • Dynamic graphics and media
  • Professional illustrations
  • Tech instructions
  • Supply lists
  • Set-Up instructions
  • GO! Home Parent Guide
  • Training tips for large group leaders
  • Training tips for small group leaders
  • Leader devotionals
  • Social media posts and images
  • Weekly email template to send to families
  • Additional small group activity 

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