GO! Preschool Lesson: Easter



That silly little gopher has done it again and now we have an Easter emergency. Topher the Gopher has hidden our Easter story pictures inside the Bible story drawing. No worries, though! The preschool kids are on the hunt. During “Topher’s Easter Seek and Find,” preschoolers will seek high and low within the drawing to find the hidden pictures. Once found, the pictures will help tell the greatest story ever—the story of a Love that’s more powerful than death.

Lesson Information:

Easter Lesson Jesus is Alive Key Verse: Matthew 28:6
Big Idea: I can tell everyone that Jesus is alive. Bible Basis: Matthew 27:32-28:10


Sometimes life can seem like one giant “seek and find.”  Where did my car keys go?  Why can’t I find the TV remote?  Didn’t we come here with three kids?  Gulp!  Some “seek and finds” can be maddening or even frightening, but not this time.  During the “Seek and Find” series, kids will seek high and low within the Big Bible Story pictures to find the hidden items.  In doing so, they’ll get a complete picture of the Easter Story and, more importantly, of what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus, the Risen Lord and Savior of the World.

Lesson Information:

Easter Lesson Jesus is Alive Key Verse: 1 Peter 1:3
Big Idea:  Jesus rose from the dead, so I can find a new life in Him. Bible Basis: Matthew 27:27-28:10

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