Unit 5: Birth of Jesus | Episodes 5.1 – 5.4



The “Journey Today Show.” videos are a fun-filled show uniquely designed to be an interactive experience that leads kids towards faith in Jesus. With built in Bible reading and discussion, each episode has as much learning as laughter. It’s a hilarious way to help kids learn and grow whether at church, at home, or on the go. 

Here is what’s included with each lesson:

  • Downloadable Journey Today Show Video (around 10-12 minutes)
  • Small group activity
  • Coloring page
  • Bible verse printable
The “Journey Today Show” videos teach on the same Big Idea, Bible Story and Memory Verse as the corresponding GO! elementary lesson. They can be used together in your teaching time or used alone. 

[Click on episode title to play the episode intro video.]

Episode 5.1: Isaiah and the Burning Coal
Wow, that’s some spicy lookin’ hot sauce! I hope Timmy and Camille are careful with it! It’s so hot, it could make your mouth feel like it’s on fire! You know, that actually reminds me of when God purified Isaiah’s mouth with a hot coal. Talk about spicy! But God wanted Isaiah words to be pure so that he could serve as a prophet to God’s people. Prophets helped people know what’s right and wrong and what God wanted from them. It’s kind a strange story, but it shows that God is always looking out for us!

Key Verse: 1 Peter 2:24
Big Idea: Jesus died for our sins, so we can live for righteousness.
Bible Basis: Isaiah 53
Video Length: 12:35

Episode 5.2: An Angel Announces the Coming Birth

Timmy can’t wait for Christmas! He decides to try to sleep away the time, and…what’s this? Holograms? Flying cars? How long was he asleep? Even though we sometimes have a hard time waiting for Christmas to come, did you know that the ancient people in the Bible were waiting HUNDREDS OF YEARS? That’s a long time! But we should always remember that no matter how long it takes, God always keeps his promises!

Key Verse: Luke 1:45
Big Idea: God blesses those who believe His promises.
Bible Basis: Luke 1:26-56; Matthew 1:18-25
Video Length: 14:43

Episode 5.3: The Shepherds Proclaim: Jesus is Born
Looks like David’s at it again! This time, he started a “birth announcement” business—whatever that is! He’s even got a fancy new projector, but that thing’s so complicated, something’s bound to go wrong. Even if it worked perfectly, there’s no way David could compete with the absolutely AMAZING birth announcement of Jesus! There were angels filling the night sky and praising God! The shepherds who saw were so amazed that they told everyone they knew about it!

Key Verse: Luke 2:17
Big Idea: Jesus is God’s gift to the world, so we can share that gift with others.
Bible Basis: Luke 2:1-21
Video Length: 12:32

Episode 5.4: Simeon and Anna
Welcome to the Journey Today Show…wait a second—this is the Journey Today Show! Did David start a whole other show? That sounds pretty mean to the other JTS hosts—they’re all supposed to stick together! In the Bible, when God’s people stick with Him, it’s called faithfulness. David sure could learn a thing or two about faithfulness! Maybe he should read about Anna and Simeon. They waited faithfully their whole their whole lives and God came through big time!

Key Verse: 1 Samuel 26:23
Big Idea: God is faithful to His people and He rewards those who are faithful to Him.
Bible Basis: Luke 2:22-40
Video Length: 12:30

The Journey Today Show videos follow the GO! Elementary scope and sequence. To learn more and view click here.