Unit 5: JTS PLUS

Unit Information:

Lesson 1 Zechariah and Elizabeth Key Verse: Psalm 145:8
Big Idea: God is gracious, so we can find joy in the gift of His Son. Bible Basis: Luke 1:5-25
Lesson 2 John the Baptist is Born Key Verse: Psalm 139:23
Big Idea: Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas, so we can prepare our hearts for Him. Bible Basis: Luke 1:57-80
Lesson 3 The Greatest Gift: Jesus is Born Key Verse: John 3:16
Big Idea: Jesus is the greatest Christmas gift of all time, so we can give glory and praise to God. Bible Basis: Matt. 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-20
Lesson 4 Wise Men Worship the King of Kings Key Verse: Matthew 2:2
Big Idea: Jesus is the King of Kings and worthy of our worship. Bible Basis: Matthew 2:1-12

*Recommended Use Dates: December 10 – 31, 2023